Moving Forward

Having been in theatre and performing most of my life, I’m going to start this blog a little more in my comfort zone…

Shakespeare once said: “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”

I bet you’re wondering what relevance this quote has to this blog…

My boyfriend never looks impressed, especially when it comes to Shakespeare


Without causing too many ‘eye rolls’, my overthinking has held me back.

Over the past seven weeks, I have overcome challenges I initially struggled with at the start of this course.  With no marketing background or experience, I was afraid to put my work out there or contribute to discussions, fearing I wouldn’t have much to add.  Before this module, I had also never written a blog before.  Although I am still in the learning process and they are very basic, it’s something I feel I can progress on, and I really enjoyed writing them!




Having the opportunity to read and comment on my peers’ work has made my confidence grow.  As well as seeing different writing styles, I have read opinions on topics that wouldn’t have crossed my mind and has made me realised my way of thinking was very closed minded.  Going into future assignments and discussions, I will think more outside the box and about different perceptions.




“By helping one another in the classroom and outside of it, you are more likely to fully understand and remember the topics you share.” (CIMA, 2014)

Studies have shown the benefits of peer assessment, and how it can contribute to a better understanding of a subject.  With everyone having their own writing style, and presenting their views in an interesting way, it is easier to remember the subject they were talking about.  I will always remember Julia discussing marketing to children, and the personal touch of adding a photo of her own children.


The Future

My aim in the future is to pursue a career in digital marketing, and this module has taught me what tools are needed and helped me further understand the business, particularly the fine line between personal and professional whilst online.  Businesses run the risk of too much information being available:

“On the other hand, strong concern is focusing upon the risks of social media in professional practice, especially in relation to issues of information sharing and client access.” (Fenwick, 2016)

With all the benefits that can come with digital marketing, it is important to be aware of the risks too.

Not only am I coming away from this module with an extended knowledge on digital marketing strategy, it has given me the confidence and the boost I needed to get involved.  In future discussions, I feel I can contribute my points and not get shot down but be given constructive criticism.  I will also be open minded towards opinions and get stuck in to activities.

Here’s to the rest of the course!




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Fenwick, T. (2016). Social media, professionalism and higher education: a sociomaterial consideration. 41st ed. pp.664-677.

Shakespeare, W. (n.d.). Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. pp.239-251. (2014). The benefits of peer learning. [online] Available at: [Accessed 4 Aug. 2018].


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